Alarcón, Margarita

Margarita Alarcón

Senior Geologist/QAQC Specialist


"Quality Assurance and Control in Geological Mining Exploration"

thom-calandra-head-shot Cropped.jpg

Thom Calandra

Executive Editor

The Calandra Report

"Norte Americanos - They'll Gladly Buy a Condo Here, But Won't Touch a Mexico Miner: Por Qué No?"

Feinstein, Michael

Michael Feinstein

General Manager

Mineoro Exploraciones, S.A. de C.V.

"What if the Baja Had Never Left? A New Perspective on Trend Analysis in Western Mexico"

Charles Funk 1 -upto5x7 Cropped.jpg

Charles Funk

Vice President of Exploration

Vizsla Resources Corp.

"Introduction to the High-Grade Panuco Silver District"

Gigson, Craig2 Cropped.jpg

Craig Gibson



"Prismo Metals' Exploration Projects in Mexico"

Liam Hardy


Spotlight Mining


Abstract Here


Mendívil, Héctor

Héctor Mendívil

RS/GIS/3D Principal Consultant

Geo Digital Imaging

"Implicit vs. Explicit Mineral Deposit 3D Modelling: Implications and Repercussions in Resource Estimation"

AGNH Cropped.jpg

Ariel Navarro

Vice President of Exploration

Reyna Silver Corp.

"Guigui - In Search for the Heart of the Santa Eulalia District"

Pelletier, Josh

Jocelyn (Josh) Pelletier

Independent Consultant

Geogenius Exploration Consulting

"The Evidence of a Gold-Copper Porphyry System on the El Tigre Project: A new type of Deposit in Durango State, Mexico"

Raul Rojas Cropped.jpg

Raúl Rojas

Senior Geological Consultant

Datamine México

"GDMS - Geological Data Management Solution"

Singh, Naresh Cropped.jpg

Naresh Singh

Country Manager

IMR Bonanza, S.A. de C.V.

"IMR Bonanza: Boosting Small and Medium-Sized Mining by Operating Mines and Providing Processing Services for Gold-Silver Mines"

Gustavo Staufert

General Director/CEO

Convention and Visitors Bureau Guadalajara

Download Abstract Here


Derek Wood

Founding Partner

Conduit Capital Advisors

Download Abstract Here

"A History of Bull Resource Markets and Why This Current Cycle is Likely the Best Ever"


James Ernest Anderson

Chairman and CEO

VanGold Mining Corp.

"El Pinguico Project: High-Grade Silver-Gold Epithermal Vein System in Guanajuato Mexico"


Luís Castro

VP Exploration

Endeavour Silver Corp.

"The Terronera Advanced Stage Silver-Gold Project, Jalisco, Mexico"

Fonseca, Marcio

Marcio Fonseca

President & CEO

GR Silver Mining Ltd.

"Silver-Gold Advanced Development Projects – Consolidating one of Mexico’s Most Prolific Mining Districts, 'El Rosario'”

Gallego, Gustavo Cropped (1).jpg

Gustavo Gallego

Chief Geological Engineer

Kootenay Silver Inc.

"La Columba Project: High-Grade Silver Epithermal Vein System in Mexico"


Oscar González

Project Manager

Sonoro Metals Corp.

“The Cerro Caliche Project, Character of Au-Ag Veins and Vein Zones, Cucurpe, Sonora, México”

Jose Jabalera oficial-1 Cropped.jpg

José Rafael Jabalera Batista

General Director of Mining Development

Federal Ministry of Economy

“The Mining Industry, Key to the Economic Reactivation of Mexico”

Mendoza, Juan

Juan Mendoza

Country Manager

ALS Tribology LATAM

"Maintenance 4.0: Implementation of Sensors with AI as a Predictive Maintenance Tool"

Orozco, Alberto.jpg

Alberto Orozco


Capitan Mining Inc.

"The Peñoles Gold-Silver Project, Durango, Mexico"

Luis Carlos Peralta-2 Cropped (1).jpg

José Luís Peralta

General Director


"Renewable Energies and Their Impact on Mining"

Romero, Fernando.jpg

Fernando Romero

Territory Manager


"Ore Sorting for Mexico's Polymetallic Ores"

Solis, Roman 2 Cropped.jpg

Roman Solis

Country Manager, Mexico

Discovery Metals Corp.

"The Cordero World-Class Silver-Gold-Zinc-Lead Project, Chihuahua, Mexico"

Turner Saad, Guillermo.jpg

Guillermo Turner Saad

Founder and CEO

Turner Saad

"Ore Deposits Spatial Modelling with Uncertainty of the Mineralogical and Textural Characteristics of Mineralisation"

Berlanga, Antonio

Antonio Berlanga


Reyna Mining, S.A. de C.V.

"Mining, Another Environmental Point of View"

Foto_Campo_Discoveries_2020 Cropped.jpg

Abraham Cerón


Pathgeo Exploration

"Geochemistry of Capillary Caliche in the Vadose Zone for the Detection of Potentially Mineralized Areas"

Andres (2) bn Cropped.jpg

Andrés Fuentes

Founder and Director of Intelligence and Analysis

First Movers

"First Movers, Providing Confidence to Your Business in Mexico”


Arturo García Aymerich

President & CEO

Minera Triuno, S. de R.L. de C.V.

"La Xora Project, Nayarít, México"

_Ian2020 (002) Cropped.jpg

Ian Graham


Oroco Resource Corp.

“Introduction to the World-Class Santo Tomás Porphyry Copper Deposit, Sinaloa, Mexico”

Lucero, Armando.png

Armando Lucero


Globexplore Drilling, S.A. de C.V.

"Man-Portable Drilling as an Eco-Friendly Alternative"

Miranda, Miguel

Miguel Miranda

Exploration Services Director

EGEX Exploración

"Borates and Lithium at La Tinaja del Oso, Magdalena de Kino, Sonora, Mexico"

Paez, Cruz

Cruz Paez

Project Manager

Azure Minerals Ltd.

"Azure Minerals Ltd.: Exploration and Development of the Alacran (Au-Ag, Cu) and Oposura (Zn-Pb) Projects in Sonora"

Riha, Keree Cropped.jpg

Keree Riha

Business Development Manager - North America

Russell Mining Equipment

"The Benefits of Optimised Grinding Mill Relining: A Case Study"

Roskowski, Jen

Jennifer Roskowski

Global Project GenerationGeologist

OreQuest Consultants Ltd.

"Mineral Systems Exploration at Defiance Silver's Zacatecas Projects"

Staude, John-Mark

John-Mark Staude

President and CEO

Riverside Resources Inc.

"New Investment, Exploration Projects and Exciting Results from Mexico"

Wilkins, Joey(2) Cropped.jpg

Joey Wilkins

President & CEO

Aztec Minerals Corp.

"Tombstone: The Deposit Too Tough to Die"

"Our mission is to contribute to the responsible and efficient development of Mexico's mineral resources, disseminate valuable information for the mining industry and promote business."

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